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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to start renting your gear?
    Step 1: Click ‘post rental gear’ button on the top right corner of the page or wherever you see on the website. Step 2: Create an account Step 3: Select the type of gear you are renting in 'category' e.g. Bikes & E-bikes, Kayaks & SUPs, Golf gear. Step 4: Select the duration of rental in 'Listing Type.’ For per day or 4 hours you can maintain availability on the calendar. Tip: Options are per 4 hours/ day/ night/ week/ month. Pick an option that is more manageable. Step 5: Add gear details and pictures. It’s important to add a description of your gear in as much detail as possible. Tip: Use the ‘Product Transparency’ box to honestly communicate any existing damage or issue in your gear. This will reduce the chances of you paying penalties if renters report damages afterwards. It will also help renters make an informed decision. We really value transparency in the Wanderlite community! Tip: Make sure you add pictures with good lighting and show inside and outside of your items. If there is any existing wear and tear make sure to add pictures so others can make an informed decision. Step 6: Click ‘Submit for Review’ We will review your listing. We may reach out for any issues or missing information in your listing. Once we approve your listing. It will be live. You can edit any details or availability in your listing later. If you have any questions for the admin, you can send a direct message here to ‘Wanderlite’ from your inbox or send an email to Step 7: To start earning, you will have to set up your payment details. On hover over your icon on top right > ‘Profile’ > ‘Edit Profile’ > Click ‘Payments’ on the left side > add your payout details like institution number, transit number and account number. You can find this from your banking app or void cheque/ direct deposit form. This will enable earning to be deposited in your bank account. Step 8: Keep an eye out on your email and wanderlite inbox for rental requests. Find out how to accept requests and proceed. Step 9 (optional): Share your rental listing link on social media, facebook marketplace or friends and family to start getting more rental orders.
  • How-to start a bike rental business from home?
    It’s pretty simple. All you need are bikes you want to rent out, space in your home/ garage, an account on, and tools/ knowledge to repair any wear and tear over time. Below is a step by step guide. If you need more help, email at Step 1: What type of bike do you want to rent? You can rent one type of bike e.g. e-bikes or multiple types. You can buy brand new bikes or use a good condition bike you already own. Consider the following to decide what type of bike you should rent: Rental rates for different types of bikes: [add link to gear rental rate sheet]. Repairs and maintenance needed for bike types e.g. a mountain bike may need more checks and repairs vs a city bike or road bike. Your own expertise and experience. If you have better knowledge of a certain type of bike then stick to it. It will save you time and money Can you afford to buy 1 or few of these bike types? Bike costs differ. E-bikes can be more expensive than a road bike. Check costs! Is there space at your home/ garage? This storage space should have easy access to take out the bike and return after rental cycles. Step 2: A sole proprietor or incorporated business? If you are starting with 1-5 bikes, we suggest you start as a sole proprietor. According to the Government of Canada, “A sole proprietorship is an unincorporated business that is owned by one individual. It is the simplest kind of business structure.” For a sole proprietorship, you don’t need to register a business. You can start renting and earning and pay taxes for your income at the end of the year. If you like, you can register a name of your company or get a trademark registration or logo. You can always see how your revenues grow over time and if they go beyond 100k a year, moving to an incorporated business is a good idea. If you have already been renting and have a steady revenue of above 100k, then you can incorporate your business in BC and follow these steps. Step 3: Check bike quality and add supporting gear To rent, make sure you have good quality bikes, whether you are buying new ones or renting your own. Remember: Your customers are adventurers like you. You want to give them a good experience and get good reviews to continue earning. To make your business stand out and easier for others to use, buy support gear for your bike like helmets, locks etc. This way, people who are visiting and don’t have helmets or locks can easily rent your bikes and return without issues or accidents. Step 4: Get insurance This is a very important step. Sometimes your home insurance covers your bike but check with your insurance provider. Step 5: Post your bike rentals on Consider Wanderlite similar to Airbnb. The benefits of posting on Wanderlite are: Set up your account for free No cost for making a website or buying a platform Post your gear for free. We only charge a percentage when you do a rental transaction. You will have a unique link for your bike rental account. Use the bike rental link anywhere on social media, craiglist, facebook marketplace, or to send to potential customers. Wanderlite promotes and advertises your gear on social media and other venues. We take care of the financial transaction. You don’t have to worry if the customer will pay or not. How to post gear on Wanderlite: Setup an account Send your government ID for verification. If incorporated, send you business number and incorporation number Post your bike rental: Add details, pictures, and other details Accept rental requests. Give bike on rent. Earn income! For more detailed instructions on how to post gear Step 6: Maintenance and checks. Keep customers happy! After every rental, make sure you check your bike, do any necessary repairs. We will ask customers for reviews. Keep your customers happy, get good reviews and keep renting.
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