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You can compare types of bikes, pricing, delivery info, packages, and add-ons below and book your gear.

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Bike rentals range from $45- 126/day.

  • Performance Downhill - $126/day

  • Standard Downhill- $108/day

  • Enduro Trail Bikes- $81/day

  • Comfort cruiser and recreational mountain bikes- $45/day

  • Tandem- $ 72/day Ebikes- $81/day

  • Kids bikes available. $36/day

  • Hourly rates are $25/hour, and are available in-store only on a first-come first-served basis.


Discount when more days added

Delivery/ Pickup Info

Pickup location: Gateway Bikes is Whistler Village Square facing Gateway Drive. Ph: (604) 966-4409

Deals/ Add-ons/ Notes

"Enduro bikes can be rented by the hour. Hourly rates are $25/hour, and are available in-store only on a first-come first-served basis."

Rentals run from 9.30am to 5.30pm. To return after 5.30pm they have a twilight add-on for $20. Full face helmets are included in the price. Body armour and damage insurance are optional and can be added from an additional price.

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Summer Rentals: Bike rentals range from $65- $169.95/day

  • Downhill Bikes: $70- $169.95/day

  • Trail Bikes: $65- $110/day

Delivery/ Pickup Info

Evolution opens at 9:30am and closes at 8pm (2021 season). Evolution is located between the main Village Square (Grocery Store, Liquor Store, Araxi's) and the Conference Centre. There is parking at the Conference Centre or at the hotel entrances of Adara, Crystal Lodge and Listel. There is also parking at the Village Day Lots. Phone: 1-604-932-2967

Deals/ Add-ons/ Notes

Damage waiver costs $30 extra.

Please rinse bikes at the wash station at the bottom of the Bike Park before returning them each evening. If the bike is returned to us dirty we will charge a $20 cleaning fee.

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Bikes, E-bikes, Mountain

Rentals range from $52 to $142/day

  • Valley Trail Adult Bike: $52/day

  • All Mountain Trail Bike: $142/day

  • Downhill Park Bikes: $127/day

  • Electric Valley Bikes: $95

  • Electric Mountain Bikes: $145

  • Youth and Kids Bikes available: $33/day

Delivery/ Pickup Info

Open Everyday 9:30am - 8:00pm Located: 4154 Village Green Unit 114 Whistler, BC, V8E 1H1

Ph: 604 - 962 - 9990

Deals/ Add-ons/ Notes

They also offer 4 hour duration rentals. Per day rental decreases when bought for more days.

Online prices are subject to change at checkout or in-store.

Have additional coverage options:
Rental coverage: $10-25/day
Body protection: $25/day
Child Trailer: $28/day

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Mountain and E-bikes

Bike rentals range from $67.5- $135/day

  • All Mountain E-Bike Rentals: $135/day, 2 hours $90

  • Recreational E-Bike Rentals: $67.5/day, 2 hours $90

Delivery/ Pickup Info

Pickup locations: 1. Rainbow building (main taxi and bus loop) in Main Village 2. Base of Blackcomb (Upper Village) in Le Chamois Hotel. Phone:(1) 604-905-2777

Deals/ Add-ons/ Notes

Book online to get up to 20% off
2 hour booking available
Also has ski, snowboard and surf equipment
Some in-store prices differ: $45 for 2 hour, $64 for 4 hours, $75 per day

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Bikes and E-bikes

Range from $45-$100 per day

  • Cruiser Bikes

2 hr- $25; 3 hr- $35; 4 hr- $40
Per day- $45; 2 days- $70

  • E-Bikes

2 hour- $50; 3 hr- $75; 4 hr- $90
Per day- $100; 2 days- $160

Delivery/ Pickup Info

Phone: 604.938.3686.
Located inside Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, Whistler

Deals/ Add-ons/ Notes

- 2-4 hour as well as 2 day rentals available
- Scooters are also available

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